Who We Are

We are a public-private partnership and professional development network that advances equity and reduces prejudice in collaboration with public schools.

Comprised of the most inclusive and diverse network of leaders in education, law enforcement, business, the private sector and non-profit community, CPR is the premiere resource for professional development, hate crimes -related education, crisis intervention and school-based support in our region.

CPR Team

  • Roberta Richin, Executive Director

Board of Directors

  • Denise Coleman, Disabilities Advocate
  • Dr. Rosemary F. Jones, Superintendent of Schools, Sayville SD
  • Dr. Manuel London, Associate Dean, College of Business and Director, College of Leadership and Service, Stony Brook University
  • Dr. Gary Mar, Suffolk County Human Rights Commissioner, Asian American Center, Dept. of Philosophy, Stony Brook University
  • Cecil A. Ramsey, Superintendent of Schools, Middle Country CSD (retired)
  • Laurette Richin, Long Island Bulldog Rescue/Humane Education
  • Bette Schneiderman, LIU-CW Post; Electronic Educational Village
  • Kymberli Stewart, MTV/Nickelodeon
  • Dr. Ximena Zate, SUNY Stony Brook TESOL
  • Sarah Nadeau, Deputy Director
  • Lynn Perry, Communications Coordinator

Who We Serve

  • PreK-12 Faculty, Staff, Administration, Students, Parents
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Businesses
  • Parent and Community groups
  • Faith Communities
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Governmental Organizations